Values and Purpose

The principles and motivation behind why we do the work we do


Our Coalition is comprised of thirteen partner organizations working collectively toward a common goal. Each partner brings a unique skill set, perspective, and distinct, driven members who strengthen our group, expand our progress, and ensure our mission continues.



The BNCRC strives to ensure all communities are treated with respect, free from discrimination. Throughout all our partnerships, negotiations and community projects, we promote an environment of mutual respect as we work toward our ultimate goal.




Equity, or the quality of being fair and impartial, is a value sitting at the heart of our Coalition’s mission. We are constantly advocating financial institutions to create products and services to better meet the needs of historically redlined communities while still making responsible decisions for both the bank and their customers.



Collaboration bands our Coalition together for a common cause. It also allows us to bring together communities, financial institutions and new organizations affected by our work. 


Community involvement

Our work would not be possible without the input and support of the individuals and groups we seek to empower. Their voices and opinions inform how we frame conversations with financial institutions on how they can better serve their communities and make positive, impactful investments.


The BNCRC fights for greater investment into our neighborhoods and communities. Decades of disinvestment and institutional neglect have left us searching for more. The BNCRC fights with us, for us, as us.