Our Mission

To eliminate inequitable banking practices and the enduring impact of redlining 

Who We Are

The Buffalo Niagara Community Reinvestment Coalition (BNCRC) is a group of organizations that fights for economic and social justice by advocating for banking reform, community reinvestment, and access to fair and affordable housing that provides all residents in the Buffalo-Niagara region with the opportunity, capacity, and resources to live in stable communities and build wealth. The BNCRC uses its strengths of engagement, research, advocacy, and policy formation to ensure equitable access to capital, resources, and opportunity that will allow all residents of the Buffalo-Niagara region to build their communities and build wealth.

What We Do

The BNCRC brings community members, community groups, non-profits, financial institutions, and government agencies together to collaborate on reinvestment in the Buffalo-Niagara region. The coalition’s work focuses on community reinvestment, banking reform, and fair housing by working with community members and organizations, along with financial institutions and government, to advocate for community investment and reform that works in the best interest of all residents in the Buffalo-Niagara region.

As the Buffalo-Niagara region enters a renaissance, it is imperative that low- to moderate-income (LMI) communities and communities of color are not left behind. For generations low- to moderate-income communities and communities of color in the Buffalo-Niagara region have been stripped of necessary resources financial and housing, which has led to a cycle of poverty and deterioration of communities. In order for a true renaissance to take place it is necessary that capital and resources get to communities that have been neglected for decades.

The BNCRC is dedicated to forming meaningful, community-focused investments, development, and reform that will bring resources back to neighborhoods that have been excluded from financial and housing resources for decades in the Buffalo-Niagara region. By conducting research, engaging communities in reinvestment initiatives, advocating for meaningful banking reform and community benefit agreements, and advancing and affirmatively furthering fair housing, the coalition is able to bring community leaders, government officials, banks, and other stakeholders together to put targeted capital and resources that reach all residents. It is time that all residents in the Buffalo-Niagara region have access to a fair and equitable system that provides each person with the tools to improve their lives and communities.